New Flower Studio Body Piercing

Fake Face Mask Exemption

This image is now floating around the internet. You’ll have no shortage of search results if you go looking for information on these fake mask exemption cards. If you’re a business owner and see one of these, we encourage you to not reward such bad behavior. IN our studio anyone asking for a medical exemption […]

Reopened for Body Piercing in Long Beach!

After 102 days we’ve finally gotten back to our art, body piercing. You’re probably aware of the new operating protocols body art studios like ours have. If not, click here. We’ve spoken to many piercers around the country in the last month to hear their reopening stories. Piercers are reporting lots of issues getting their […]

Reopening and COVID19 Risk Management

The process of assessing hazards in a business is always important. Under new circumstances, like COVID19, we have to reconsider the standard operating procedures we already have and identify their shortcomings. In body piercing for example, we work with human blood and sharps (needles) so we must work within the parameters of the Bloodborne Pathogens […]

Happy New Year From Your Long Beach Body Piercers

2019 is now behind us and we must thank you for giving us such a great year. New Flower Studio experienced a tremendous amount of growth and we couldn’t be more grateful. We saw some of our jewelry designers speed up their shipping times and others introduced exciting new products that turned out to be […]

Monica Sabin Elected

Congratulations to our very own Monica Sabin who was just elected to the Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Piercers. At this time her official position hasn’t been determined. But, she already does a lot of committee work for the APP and we know she’ll do great in her three year term as an official […]

When Can a Piercer Say No to a Piercing?

This article was originally posted on February 5, 2018. It was updated on March 30, 2019. There are plenty of times customers visit a store and leave empty handed. Most of the time it seems reasonable and isn’t any different than most other shopping experiences. Stores can temporarily run out of certain items. Sometimes products […]

Why are Rings Harder to Heal a Piercing With?

In the early days of body piercing, a ring (round wire jewelry with a single pressure fit bead) was the most common style of jewelry. This is because the simple design was easy and inexpensive to produce.  Many of the first studios even made their own rings in-house. The downside to this is the subtle variation […]

What is Good Jewelry pt 1

There’s a lot of confusion, even within the piercing industry, about what quality jewelry is. With the exception of glass for large ear lobe piercings, we pierce with the metals steel, titanium, niobium, and gold. If we associate cost with the quality of jewelry, than the only good jewelry is gold. But, if we consider quality […]

“But I can only wear gold”

We love to sell gold jewelry at our studio, that’s a known fact, especially Vanessa and Selene.  We hear clients say they can only wear gold all the time.  Many times it’s by someone wearing other materials in piercings already.  So it’s obvious, they don’t have to wear only gold.  In this situation the client is […]

The Daith Piercing Myth 

If you follow blogs or subscribe to any online news sources that are likely to deliver content that may be related to body art, you’ve likely seen Daith piercings in the last few years. Daith is pronounced “doth.”  A story reappears online every once in a while alleging this piercing is a cure for migraine […]