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Frequently Asked Questions About Body Piercing

Here are a few important things to know about visiting our piercing studio in Long Beach, California. We appreciate your interest in piercing and our studio. We do not piercing minors. We are 18+ only. We are strongly encouraging appointments scheduled online. This includes all sales and services. If you wish to buy a piece of jewelry […]

Fake Face Mask Exemption

This image is now floating around the internet. You’ll have no shortage of search results if you go looking for information on these fake mask exemption cards. If you’re a business owner and see one of these, we encourage you to not reward such bad behavior. IN our studio anyone asking for a medical exemption […]

Reopened for Body Piercing in Long Beach!

After 102 days we’ve finally gotten back to our art, body piercing. You’re probably aware of the new operating protocols body art studios like ours have. If not, click here. We’ve spoken to many piercers around the country in the last month to hear their reopening stories. Piercers are reporting lots of issues getting their […]

Constellation Piercings

constellation piercings

Using the term “constellation” to refer to a set of piercings is not exactly new. Not too long ago the catch phrase “curated ear” was similarly being used by clients to describe custom ear piercing projects to accommodate their specific anatomy. The thing is, this concept is normal practice for any piercer, we’ve always worked […]

New Studio Etiquette in Body Piercing

We hope you’re as excited to be back in our studio as we are. The date is coming so be prepared for Friday, June 26th. As body art services around the world, country, state, county, and city resume our industry is being forced to evolve. This evolution looks different in different regions and from studio […]

Curated Piecings

cu·rate /kyo͝oˈrāt,ˈkyo͝oˌrāt/ verb “select, organize, and present (online content, merchandise, information, etc.), typically using professional or expert knowledge.“ The internet has made the world much smaller. Social media has created the ability for trends (and often misinformation) to spread at nearly the speed of light. This is how a lot of piercing ideas become popular. […]

How Wounds Heal 101

As soon as you receive an injury your immune system gets to work. Your body is naturally programmed to heal itself and even though piercings are voluntary and even intentional, they’re still wounds. Healing a piercing isn’t much different than most other wounds. While the bleeding we see when healing a piercing can range from […]

Need to Hide a Piercing?

Here’s what you have to consider There are lot’s of great reasons to wear a piercing. You won’t have to explain yourself to too many people why you have them. But there are still times when you have to hide a piercing. Unfortunately this isn’t usually easy or practical and often just not possible. You probably hear […]

Do you know someone considering a piercing for the first time?

Do you know someone considering a piercing for the first-time? For the purpose of this article we’re referring to people who’ve never had piercings of any type done by a professional in a studio like ours. Standard ear piercings done with “guns” don’t count as professional in our example. Surprisingly, we have a lot of […]

What is Good Jewelry pt 1

There’s a lot of confusion, even within the piercing industry, about what quality jewelry is. With the exception of glass for large ear lobe piercings, we pierce with the metals steel, titanium, niobium, and gold. If we associate cost with the quality of jewelry, than the only good jewelry is gold. But, if we consider quality […]

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