Long Beach Body PIercing
Locally Owned

Regional Stay at Home Ending

This post clarifies the announcements by the state of California and city of Long Beach regarding the reopening of body art studios.

Downsizing a Piercing and Upgrading the Jewelry

The services discussed in this post were provided when our staff was legally permitted to work. The image above features a Conch piercing done by New Flower’s Squeeze. It’s not often we pierce anything with rings in the modern world of body piercing. Especially Conch piercings, the initial ring needs to be significantly larger than […]

Nose Piercings and Masks

Updated 12-3-2022The content below was originally created during the pandemic closures of professional body piercing studios during the beginning and peak of the COVID19 pandemic. It has remained a popular page with visitors to our website. We’ve updated the content without changing the context or perspective of the original version. What do you do when […]

How Wounds Heal 101

As soon as you receive an injury your immune system gets to work. Your body is naturally programmed to heal itself and even though piercings are voluntary and even intentional, they’re still wounds. Healing a piercing isn’t much different than most other wounds. While the bleeding we see when healing a piercing can range from […]

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