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Body Piercing Questions January 2024

New Flower Studio’s monthly body piercing newsletter has a few thousand readers and in 2024 we introduced a new segment for them to anonymously ask us body piercing questions. We received more questions than we expected in our first month and decided to address the extras here. Thanks for reading. Reader #1: “My navel piercing […]

2024 Body Piercing Newsletter

body piercing newsletter

Welcome to our blog about our 2024 body piercing newsletter. Thousands of piercing enthusiasts from the Long Beach area read our monthly email featuring pictures, information, and news from the world of body piercing. People celebrate for many reasons. Celebration connects us through shared values, milestones, cultural traditions, and also reminds us we’re members of […]

Peach Fuzz Announced as Color of the Year by Pantone

Get ready for a new year of style and fashion with Peach Fuzz, a soft color that sits between pink and orange, again, Pantone has made a great choice for 2024. Body piercers around the world, like us, wait patiently each December for Pantone to make the big announcement, the Color of the Year. Our […]

Body Piercing Message for December

Welcome to our monthly body piercing message. Especially big welcome to those of you in, or near, Long Beach, California. Below is the solution to our final piercing crossword puzzle. This was the special feature of our 2023 monthly email that went out to thousands of piercing enthusiasts and clients of New Flower Studio. If […]

Body Piercer Meets with Health Inspectors

If you’re familiar with this blog, or our piercing studio’s monthly newsletter, you already know that Long Beach body piercer John Johnson is a member of the Association of Professional Piercer’s (APP) Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Committee. Because of this he has opportunities to speak to health inspectors and other regulators about body piercing safety. […]

V Burger Wins Award in Long Beach

Each December the staff of the Long Beach, California body piercing studio, New Flower Studio, selects one local business to receive an award recognizing shared community values. Small business owners who strive to grow their business and still contribute to their greater community work extra hard and deserve extra appreciation. This year’s recipient is our […]

November Body Piercing Crossword Puzzle

Welcome to our monthly newsletter readers who love to read about body piercing. If this is your first time on our body piercing website and blog we’re glad you’re here too. Each month in 2023 we’ve created a piercing crossword puzzle for our email subscribers. We hope to see you in our Long Beach body […]

Body Piercing School

San Francisco is home to the closest thing to a legitimate “body piercing school” in our industry, the Fakir Intensives. Piercers from around the world have been adding their names to long wait lists since 1991 to attend these classes. New Flower Studio’s Kenny attended the Fakir Intensives last year, our newest Brielle is also […]

Best Body Piercing in Long Beach

How someone defines what the “best body piercing in Long Beach” is will be determined by their specific needs. If they need a service almost instantly, they need a studio close by with immediate availability. In Long Beach we must consider parking too, New Flower Studio has plenty of free parking. If someone prefers to […]

Body Piercing Near Me

If you’re using the search term “body piercing near me” you’re probably looking for piercing related products like jewelry or aftercare products such as saline solution, services like piercings or consultations in your local area. When you search for “body piercing near me,” search engines, map apps, and websites use your current location and share […]

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