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The First Few Days
New Flower’s aftercare says tenderness, bleeding, and localized swelling may occur in the first few days of a new piercing.  As a precaution we start your new piercing with jewelry that should accommodate the likely swelling and natural movements of the body.  This initial jewelry may appear over sized at first, and it is, but can be downsized in about two weeks. Your piercer will tell you what to expect.
Although it’s not pleasant, discomfort, inflammation, and swelling are all normal responses to injury. A piercing is the creation of a channel through the body with the blade portion of a specialized needle. When this happens your immune system reacts by sending white blood cells to protect the area and fight infection. The redness and warmth is a result of the white blood cells releasing chemicals to help your fresh piercing. Initial swelling should go down within 3 to 5 days and sometimes re-appear during the first few months of healing. Being aware of the state of health for a healing piercing is important, this is why New Flower suggests follow up visits at two weeks and three months.  Of course you should always visit a piercer when you have fear that a piercing is having problems.

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