Long Beach Body PIercing
Locally Owned

Tuesday, June 15th is a big day for those of us in California. The tier system used for guidance during this COVID19 pandemic will officially disappear. This has everyone excited, however, many still don’t realize that counties, and some cities like Long Beach, in California may still enforce their own established health orders.

The state “reopening” is a little misleading. Cal/OSHA has policies that will still be in effect for the workplace. If you read the content of the image above, or click on it to see the CAL/OSHA website, you’ll see that workplaces are still required to follow the same guidance that was established in November, 2020 until a decision is made on June 17th. Privately owned business, like our body piercing studio in Long Beach, are always allowed to enforce their own protocols as long as they meet or exceed health orders issued by the governing agencies.

Many people are citing the recently updated position from the CDC that fully vaccinated people should be allowed to go indoors without a mask. There’s a few things being overlooked, first the CDC only makes recommendations for governing agencies to refer to when creating and updating health orders (not laws or temporary orders), and…at this time, this is only suggested if everyone is fully vaccinated. In a room where not everyone is vaccinated, we all still need to wear masks. Because of this, New Flower Studio body piercing in Long Beach will continue to require all visitors to continue wearing their masks for the foreseeable future.

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