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Types of Body Piercings

We work to offer you safe body piercings.We’ve created this page to illustrate the most common types of body piercings we do. Keep in mind that a client’s anatomy is a major factor in the viability of any piercing and jewelry options will vary quite a bit. The jewelry someone wears in the first weeks or months may not be the piece they wear long term. Your piercer will let you know what to expect.

Please be aware that body piercing never has health or medical benefits, including headache relief.

Ear, nose, lip, and navel piercings

Facial and ear piercings are the most common types of body piercings.

Types of Body Piercings: Nostril

A nostril piercing is the placing a small stud on either side of the nose. This is one of the most popular piercings we do. We always have gold options and usually genuine diamonds. We only start these piercings with studs. Most people prefer Neometal brand’s threadless titanium studs with interchangeable tops. Ask to see our gold options. We suggest clients wear stud style jewelry for the first three months before switching to a ring. Also, the smaller the ring the more likely problems will result.

Types of Body Piercings: Ear CartilageEar Cartilage
This is the outer rim (Helix) of the ear. We also often start these with Neometal brand’s small threadless barbells with gems. We have always lots of gold options for you to choose from. This image features an Anatometal Brand’s gem cluster. Rings are sometimes used for ear cartilage piercings but are likely to complicate or slow the healing time.

This is the little tab on the side of the face that sticks out. We usually start these our with Neometal brand’s small threadless studs. There’s always great gem options, especially in gold. This Tragus piercing features a Neometal flower in mint green.

This refers to piercing the inner fold of the ear below the rook and behind the Tragus, where the forward helix meets the conch. These types of body piercings have become very popular because of an online rumor that Daith piercings offer people relief from migraine headaches. We’re very happy to give you great piercings and we have fancy jewelry for these, but we would never tell you there’s any truth to this piercing myth. This picture features a rose gold clicker with CZ gems.

This is the scoop in the center of the ear and a perfect place to put a pretty gem. We’ll sometimes use rings for these piercings, but they need to be a little large to fit properly and don’t always allow for easy healing. This picture features a gold and CZ end from BVLA. This piercing is one of Vanessa and John’s favorite piercings to do.

This is the center portion of the nose. These have become very popular piercings in recent years because of new jewelry options. We only start these piercings with retainers for initial healing.  After your piercing is three months old, we’re very excited to show you our clicker options.

People love Industrial Strength brand’s titanium clickers, but we also have them in Gold from Body Gems, Venus by Maria Tash, LeRoi, and BVLA.  When your septum piercing heals you’re going to love these upgrades.

Jewelry like this can be placed in many places around the mouth. Barbell lengths are usually downsized to shorter lengths in a couple weeks after the initial piercing. They do tend to swell more than the average piercing so minimize your consumption of alcohol and caffeine. Be aware that oral piercings, especially tongues come with an inherent risk of dental damage.

Ear Lobes
We pierce ear lobes almost everyday. Jewelry can range from small studs to larger glass plugs. There’s a wide range of jewelry available to decorate your lobes and we have plenty. Neometal’s threadless barbells are very popular. Client’s can easily change their look by replacing only the gem ends and not the entire piece. There are many gold options for this style of jewelry.

This is a pair piercings that connect the outer and forward helix of the ear with a single long barbell.  Suitable anatomy is crucial so please stop by for a consultation. These types of body piercings may be slower to heal so be prepared to pay close attention during the first few months.

This is the fold of cartilage below the top of the ear rim and above the Daith. Ask about our gem options when you visit.  These piercings look great when you also wear matching jewelry in Conch, Tragus,  and outer Helix piercings.

One of the most common and time-tested piercings is the navel. The jewelry options for these piercings are incredible and we have them from the most popular designers. Anatomy is really important for successful healing so visit us for a quick examination. This is the piercing that really brought the industry into pop culture when Alicia Silverstone got a navel piercing in an Aerosmith video.

Forward Helix
This is the front part of the ear rim (Helix) closest to the face. These have become popular in the last few years. Neometal brand’s small barbells are perfect for these. Gem and stone ends both look great and we always have gold options. These look amazing when matched with outer Helix and Conch piercings. Clients will often get two or even three of these if their anatomy will allow for it.

This is the open space of the ear above the Rook and inside of the Helix, not quite in the ear rim. We have a large variety of fancy gem options and gold designs that sit here nicely. These can sometimes be done in triples.

Nipple piercings and genital piercings

We offer these piercings for clients at least 18 years old. Each piercer has limitations to the services they offer, meaning, not every piercer provides every piercing. You should contact the piercer of your choice to discuss your piercing needs. You can learn more about nipple and genital piercings here.

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