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Women’s Shelter of Long Beach

In 2018 we’re accepting donations on behalf of the Women’s Shelter of Long Beach. Each month we’ll post items the shelter needs. You can see their wish list here. When you bring in any items from the shelter’s list we’ll give you a 10% discount on any jewelry purchase. You won’t need to use this discount in the same day. You can save it as a store credit for another visit to our studio. Discounts can not be combined with other special offers.

When you bring in the items of the month we’ll extend this discount to 15%. In addition to the requested items we’re also accepting cash donations for the AED machines the shelter needs.

24-Hour Crisis Hotline: (562) 437-4663
Office Phone: (562) 437-7233
E-Mail: info@womenshelterlb.org

January 2018

This month we’re asking for gift cards to stores like Food 4 Less, Costco, Target, etc. If Santa brought you gift certificates you might not use, the Women’s Shelter can. Don’t forget they need cash donations for AED machines. 


February 2018

This month we’re asking for strollers.


March 2018

This month we’re asking for cleaning supplies.


April 2018

Ink for Printers (Please call (562) 437-7233)


May 2018

5/6 diapers


June 2018

Baby Formula and Baby Food


July 2018

Pajamas and Leggings


August 2018

Twin Mattress Covers (new please)


September 2018

Plain Twin Comforters (new please)


October 2018

Underwear (new please) and Bras of all sizes & sports bras too (new please)


November 2018

Sweat pants/Shirts (Women’s & Men’s) and Work out clothing (Women’s & Men’s)


December 2018

Women’s Tops and Tanks (size Large and X-Large)